ADDRESS ; Herderslaan 42 , 2526kn , The hague , The Netherlands.

PHONE ; + 31-70-3891448

MOBILE ; + 31-642-168174

ABOUT ME ............... I was employed in the film industry for 20yrs and my specialty was working with leather and leather in combination with other materials such as metal, wood, bamboo, feathers, fibres etc.. Among the things I've made were;

Body armour, helmets, leggins/spats/gaitors, holsters, knife cases, belts, belt pouches, handbags, shoulder bags,backpacks,saddle bags, leather bottles, leather leaves, water bottle holders, baldrics, sword frogs,leather hat boxes,arrow quivers, bandoliers, leather helicopter stunt harness,cod pieces, leather corset,kendo armour, orthopedic devices for legs and arms, reindeer harness, watchbands,headresses, masks, map rolls, moccasins, brief cases, saddlery and decorated horse gear, samurai armour, sandals, watchbands and all kinds of special moulded and carved fantasy pieces for specific characters.

Among my early credits are Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Crocodile Dundee I & II & later I worked on The Matrix , Star Wars Episode II & III &"Stardust".In between were film, TV, theatre and advertising credits too numerous to mention. My early work was done in Australia and of late I'm now based in Europe. As mentioned on my Home Page I've now reached retirement age but am available for special orders on occasion.

Please feel free to contact me about anything you need at any time....